2nd April 16

I don’t want my parents to go to the commencement.
You known, that is fucking wired.
While everyone having their soft toy and flowers talks photos together , my parents bring nothing but start yelling publicly because there is nothing to do , what a shame
I am not saying that they are not a good parents but they have no idea what other people normally doing…

2nd April 16

fucking dudu waste me thonsands HKD to drink a beef soup and sleep at b&b.(; ・`д・´)
Dame you just come by train , drink your fxxking suop and go back to dorm.
What the meaning of staying here to sleep ?
The bed in the dorm is not expensive enought that you need to spend mony for some sleep ??

Nintendo Sucks

well pokemon will release their new version sun and moon with trad.chinese and simp.chinese.

oh what? simp.chinese ? what the heck is that broken chinese ? the broken chinese that mao make? fxxk~

you even cannot sell your game machine with the name Nintendo in our kawaii Mainland .

do you think your simp.chinese meaningful ?

a normal human in this world knows that china is a pirate world and no one will buy your produces which is a piece of software.

plz think with your brain, the one who buy your game wont beg you to make chinese version.
the one who play pirate copy will ask you to make chinese ver. for them.
got that ?